Sunday, March 18, 2012

Colleges are "Missing the Basket" during March Madness

Some colleges are “missing the basket” this season during March Madness.
With all the upsets during this year’s March Madness, a great opportunity has developed to gain some valuable advertising for their respective school through the use of social media.  This is a perfect example of where a properly managed social media program can impact enrollment.
Last year we had Butler University.  This year we have Creighton, Belmont, and St Mary’s.  While their alumni and friends know where these schools are located, the average fan or more importantly, the average high school junior or senior doesn’t.   The use of a well-run Twitter or Facebook campaign could realize immeasurable returns on enrollment.  At $33k+ for Creighton,  $19k+ for Belmont, and $38k+ for St. Mary’s, successfully recruiting even a few students by taking advantage of the publicity options available by participating in the NCAA Tournament can be invaluable.  After all, who wouldn’t want to go to a college or university whose athletic programs offer the student body the opportunities to participate in big time college athletics? 
If anyone can think of a better time to enhance your school’s reputation and public awareness, I’d love to hear it.  With all the options available today for companies to take advantage of social media outlets, it’s surprising I’m not seeing these schools “trending” on Twitter. 
There are many companies who provide outsourced social media programs for those companies who don’t possess the computer skills or staff to manage it themselves.  The extent to which a company jumps in to social media can also be dictated, for far less overhead cost than it would take to hire a full time staff to manage it.
To find out more information on the available social media options for your business or brand, please contact me @davehanron and I’d be happy to help.