Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Social "Power" by Use of Personal Sites

“Power”….now that we’ve all learned from my last couple of posts the meaning of informational “Power”, I’ve addressed some of the means to attain it for business use by using professional social sites like Linkedin, Jigsaw, and Zing.

I think the next step in growing your social “Power” is to introduce you to some of the personal use social sites which businesses and business professionals can use to supplement their efforts and increase their “Power”.

I just read a great post this morning from the marketing staff of Social Strategy 1. It gives a high level overview of sites like“Twitter”, “Facebook”, “Digg”, and “Foursquare”. If you’d like to start familiarizing yourself with the next step in social marketing, learn new steps to increase your brand awareness aka “Power”, and start having more prospects call you to “buy” rather than you cold calling them to “sell”, then take a few minutes, click on this link and read the post from Social Strategy 1.


I’m going to begin expanding on these sites and methods in the coming posts so let’s all get thinking about other sites you may use and start a discussion on which one each of us thinks is the best?


  1. Great post, Dave. Each of the sites you mentioned can be used to drive B2B sales. We're loving and working in a realtime world, where, to your point, we have the "power" to reach more prospects and support more clients. Exciting times, and thanks for the post.

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