Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Great Twitter Tool

Are you “Social”? Do you use Twitter? Facebook? Digg? Linkedin?

If you’re just getting into the cyber social scene, here’s a great application to add to your social toolbox.

If you enjoy taking pictures and posting them on Facebook, but struggle when trying to express your views on Twitter, try signing up for Y Frog (http://www.yfrog.com/) and download the mobile app. to your mobile device. YFrog is a product of Imageshack, which has been hosting images and videos since 2004.

YFrog is a free application that works from your desktop or mobile device. YFrog seemlessly integrates with your Twitter account and allows users to add photos and videos to their Twitter posts. Users can post directly from the YFog interface, making “tweeting” and “re-Tweeting” a breeze! Currently, YFrog is available for use from Blackberry and Android mobile devices. For you iPhone users, the application is available using Tweetdeck.

So, next time you find yourself at the scene of a newsworthy event or in the presence of a person of interest, grab your cell phone camera, snap the picture and “Tweet” away. Stats have shown that the average “tweet” stays in cyber space for no more than an hour (http://tinyurl.com/6ly6nfw). “Tweets” containing pictures have a shelf life of nearly triple that!

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