Friday, April 1, 2011

Social Strategy1 Brings "Business Intelligence" to Social Media

With the Social Strategy1 (SS-1) “Engage” platform, social media and business brand management is being taken to another level. As ILD Corp.’s newest division, Social Strategy1 is setting the trend by bringing “Business Intelligence” to social media. SS-1 has developed and added a new, personalized component to the task of managing your good name and reputation in the internet community. With the growth of the internet expected to continue for the foreseeable future, a major need to manage the vast amounts of mentions a company gets on a daily basis has evolved.

Whether you have a happy, satisfied customer “tweeting” their satisfaction with your product, or a consumer who feels they were mistreated in some way venting on, a business needs to know. There are loads of ways to try and track these mentions, from Google Alerts, to Tracker, to Facebook, Linkedin, and You can try and gather some of the information yourself but who has time to review hundreds or even thousands of mentions per month? That’s where SS-1 comes in to help!

SS-1 brings live, experienced, business intelligence to the forefront. No longer is your company's social media program in the hands of a couple staff members who are just now learning social media. Not only does SS-1 brings all of today's common monitoring capabilities using state of the art technologies, we also provide live, experienced social media analysts who will review your business’ mentions on a daily basis, streamlining all the information into an easy to use, dashboard style report your company can access daily, ranking the most relevant and impacting mentions so appropriate actions can be taken.
If it’s a happy customer, let the SS-1 team help you post the mention into the social media mainstream to help enhance your brand…..nothing is worth the benefit of a great referral! If it’s an unsatisfied consumer, let the SS-1 team help get the appropriate response out to the consumer. The SS-1 team works as a partner for your business, not as a research tool to simply search the web!

For instance, if a consumer buys an electric helicopter for their child, but complains that the battery only lasts 20 minutes, a good response would be a posting referring the consumer to a site where they could purchase a second battery to extend the useful time of the product…maybe even offer a gift card for a second battery when they purchase the product?

To see how the Social Strategy team can help your business and review a demo of the
SS-1 “Engage” program please drop me a note @davehanron on Twitter or and I’d be pleased to go through the program


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  2. Louis, you're right on target. Managing your company's brand and reputation through social media is growing more important each day. Those companies that embrace social media will thrive over the next few years,and those that don't will lag behind and perhaps even fade away.....