Saturday, November 5, 2011

Communities need to explore going Green…….

Today’s town and city budgets are growing tighter and tighter. Reduced tax revenues from high unemployment, rising medical and retirement costs for employees, and simple inflation causing ever escalating prices for the everyday items needed to operate a community combine to put a strain on any budget. As a result, any type of program providing a surplus of cash flow can be invaluable.

LED lighting is the latest program to be offered to the towns and cities throughout the United States. Not only does the installation of LED fixtures and bulbs immediately reduce energy costs, the lights have many more benefits than you might think.

Let’s explore a few of them….

Unlike CFL’s (compact florescent lights), LED bulbs light immediately, with no warm up period. LED’s have a life span of up to 100,000 hours of use, meaning there is less maintenance costs associated with them. There is little to no UV light production from LED bulbs, making them the perfect solution for anything that may be sensitive to light exposure. LED’s provide much better lighting than standard incandescent or CFL bulbs, improving night time visibility.

Perhaps the best part of LED (other than the savings in energy) is their durability. With no filaments to be broken, they are a great retro fit for street light and traffic signals. They can withstand the rigors of New England’s harsh winters with little problem.

incandescent street lighting
 The program is simple. With a quick 15 minute phone call, a preliminary quote can be produced with as little information as number of light fixtures and bulbs used throughout the community, the wattage of the bulbs, number of kilowatt hours used, and the rate the community pays the utility company.

LED street lighting

Within a few days, they’ll have a customized project quote for their community to take back to the appropriate approval personnel to review. Within a few months time, a significant cash flow savings can result. In addition, all rebates from the utility companies remain the property of the town or city.

Sounds great? It gets better. In a big city, it’s not uncommon to have 1 street light per 20 residents. In a city of say 500,000 people, that’s 25,000 street lights.  In today's economic situation, creating jobs is a primary focus of a city or town's managment, and this LED project will create jobs.
Contact me to get additional information on the program and to review available payment terms for the program.  From day1 of the installation, the city or town has realized substantial energy savings. The reduction in energy costs can exceed the monthly program costs often by as much as 40%. On a $200,000 monthly energy bill, they could see as much as a 40% reduction.

To find out more about this program (many commercial applications may be considered as well) or to set up a quote for your communtity, please contact me @DaveHanron on Twitter or via email at


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