Friday, February 3, 2012

SuperBowl XLVI Ads & Effect on Social Media Sites

It’s that time of year again…..SuperBowl XLVI.

I can’t wait to see how advertising and social media takes off during THE GAME this year.  Whether it’s Wes Welker talking about Tom Brady’s toilet, Gronk’s ankle sprain, Bill Belichick talking about retirement, or just the old fashion TV and radio commercials, all of these things will potentially be leading world-wide “trends” on Twitter and leading the way with “likes” on Facebook.  It will be interesting to follow the effect the ads and discussions have on the various social sites.
Let’s list a few to follow……there are lots so I’ll list a few randomly (Stats as of 2-3-2012 7:00pm est)
Toyota is planning to highlight its newest Camry by showing a plant and some of its workers in Kentucky.  Showing US production of its car may be just the kicker needed to boost its sales.  Toyota’s Facebook page (Toyota) currently has 40,897 likes and their Twitter account (@Toyota) has 74,974 followers.
Pepsi is planning on using Regis Philbin in a convenience store skit, giving a customer a year’s supply of Pepsi.  Should be funny!  Pepsi has 7,338,977 “likes” on Facebook and 632,785 followers on Twitter (@Pepsi).
Here’s a new one for us.  The job opening company, Career Builder is planning on showcasing why you should be looking for a new job.  In these tough economic times, this could be a good fit.  The question will be are chimpanzees the right actors to deliver the message.  We’ll see.  They have 147,601 “likes” on Facebook and 64,773 followers on Twitter.
Then we have Doritos.  Looks like no matter how attractive a woman may be to men, it can only get better when you cover yourself in Doritos!  Wonder how this one will work?  Doritos has 10,416 followers on Twitter (@DoritosUSA) and 2,728,151 “likes” on its USA Facebook page.
There are many more to follow but you get the idea.  It will be interesting to follow up on this after the Superbowl to see which ad campaign actually returns the best results on social media.  Could this type of measurement be the future in calculating the costs of advertsing?
Let me know what you think?  If you have a favorite commercial coming up and know the statistics from Facebook and Twitter, please post in the comments for everyone to read and follow.
Enjoy the game and GO PATS!


  1. Dave, don't forget about the power and reach of mobile!

  2. Absolutely Chris. Mobile internet and advertising is a major part of social media these days. Facebook, Twitter, and many of the other social interaction sites all feature mobile versions for their smartphone and tablet users.

    I think it would be a toss-up as to whether more "likes" and "follows" on the advertisements and storylines come from computers vs. mobiles devices.

    Anyone have any ideas how to track a statistic like that?