Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ILD Corporation starts new division Social Strategy 1

ILD Corp. has started a new division called Social Strategy 1. Social strategy 1 will provide small to medium size businesses the opportunity to outsource their reputation and brand management needs at a reasonable price. As the internet and smartphone markets continue to expand, fewer consumers are using traditional methods of business research such as yellow pages or newspaper advertisements. More and more consumers are turning to the internet search engines to find the company they're looking for. With this trend, the need to maintain a good, positive business reputation on-line is growing rapidly. Social Strategy 1 will provide monitor of web hits for both positive and negative mentions of a business, have a team of seasoned analysts determine the best approach to engage the consumer, and recommend courses of action for the comapny to take to address the comments. If necessary, the Social Strategy 1 team will even perform the interaction with the consumer on behalf of the business. The Social Strategy team can also assist in search engine optimization (SEO) which helps determine how high on the first pages of the search engine the business appears. For far less than the cost of hiring a full time marketing rep plus providing benifits, contracting with a web-crawler company and the time to respond to all of the mentions on the internet, the Social Strategy 1 team will fullfill all these functions. Contact Dave Hanron @ 781-937-0420 or visit for more information


  1. Dave, this is great! I am excited as we are on the edge of a new age of how the consumers view the business market. The first place we go to is the internet for information just like when the telephone was first invented we used the tool and look how far we come. Social media is the wave of our future.

  2. I think that Social Strategy 1 is a really great idea. Being given the opportunity to outsource their reputation and brand management needs at a reasonable price can help them in a lot of ways.


  3. Thanks Sam. Social Strategy1 was developed to held companies get a handle on their social presence without handling a full time staff. The analysts at SS! work directly with the company to develop and follow through on a plan to enhance the reputation and presence for the comapny. The need for this type of service will continue to grow as more and more people get involved in the on-line social experience

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