Thursday, April 29, 2010

ILD Outsource Services Targets Cellular Market

ILD Corp's Outsource division prides itself on delivering the industry's highest level of service, utilizing state of the art facilities to provide automated and live operators to assist in completing collect and credit card calls from pay telephones, hotels, hospitals, universities, and businesses. In today's ever-evolving market, calls to cellular numbers continue to increase and now represent in excess of 50% of the attempted volumes. Traditional billing methods for collect calls to cellular numbers do not apply as the wireless companies have so far refused to enter into similar billing arrangements that the clearinghouses have been able to attain for the land-line Local Exchange Companies. ILD's clearinghouse, ILD Payment Processing, continues to negotiate with the wireless carriers to obtain these agreements. In the interim, Outsource Services continues to explore various methods of completing and billing calls to cellular users. Currently, several beta tests are in process and will hopefully prove successful in our efforts. While details of the beta tests are proprietary, Senior Vice Presient of Outsource Services, Robin Collins recently stated that "It's time we trusted the Consumer to pay their bills". Check back later for further updates on the results of the tests!

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