Thursday, June 10, 2010

ILD Corp.'s New Venture --Social Strategy 1

ILD Corp.'s newest division, Social Strategy 1 continues to receive some great press coverage....Crunchbase, a widely used database of technolgy companies has recently posted a new overview of SS-1. It can be read at The use of social media is becoming more important each day as the use of the internet for information sharing expands every day. The massive amount of media coverage on the world's events (like the BP oil spill) is mandating both people and corporations engage in the use of social media. As many companies evolve with their social media needs, it is obvious that there is a major shortfall in the experience required to effectively monitor and engage the consumers comments and opinions on a timely basis. Selecting a partner who has the necessary expertise is essential to keep the social wheels turning, and allowing your internal employees focus their attention on growing new revenues. While many people feel they address social media needs by following one of many available tools like Google Alerts, it is the personal interaction provided by the SS-1 analyst which makes the difference between being effective growing your brand and simply getting lots of "hits" and not knowing what to do with them. I'm interested in hearing how others are currently handling their social interaction needs? Is it effective? How do your consumers react to the experience?

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