Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a Great Tool

What a Great Tool! Ever want to capture a section of an article or a photo from a web site only to be blocked by the security of the document? I think we’ve all experienced that problem over the years. Whether it’s an Adobe doc or a secure web site, many of the software programs in use today for publishing prevent copying of their information for use on another document. Well Microsoft has changed all that with their little known “Snipping Tool”. Located under “Accessories” in Office 2007, the snipping tool provides an easy method to copy and paste any information from any viewable source to your clipboard for use in another application. It’s really simple to use too. Open the source of information you are looking to copy, then click the “Start” button, then click on “Accessories”, then click on “Snipping Tool”. A new pop-up window will appear in your window of the material. Click on “New” and a cursor arrow will appear. You can move this with your mouse to the furthest upper left point of the information you wish to copy then left click the mouse, drag the cursor to expand the copy box around the entire block of information. Once all the information is contained within the block, release the mouse button and you are now ready to paste the info to the application of your choice. To paste the info, go to the application you are going to use, place the cursor within the page or sheet where you are working and then press “Ctrl “ and “V” simultaneously, and voila! Your information is now pasted for you. I learned this a few months back and have found lots of uses for this tool. I hope you too find this helpful. If any of you have found any other helpful tools, I’d love to hear about them!

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